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I started doodling with closed eyes, I really enjoyed this. Never would I have thought it would be so rewarding.

I hadn't put pen to paper in such a satisfying manner for quite a long time. Not caring about the final image is very freeing.

Next, with bonus cup of tea and distraction in play (Planet Terror film) I moved onto trying to use my eyes & brain in some sort of harmony again.

I tried to keep things fast and loose, something that I wouldn't do in my sketchbook typically.

I could see some common elements coming through, nature, trees, cacti. The start of Planet Terror is based in the desert so that could be where it was coming from. But then, I always like drawing these shapes, just normally in isolation.

Next, I tried to make things a little more focussed to get ideas for a final piece.

For the final piece, I chose to start doodling a few initial shapes which turned into plantlife. I then decided to make these the basis of a composition. 

The deer chap at the bottom came from a previous drawing of a more upright woodland creature I drew a couple of weeks ago.

Taking the work into the digital realm, I wasn't overly fussy about clearing up lines, I intend to go back over these though & get rid of a few mistakes. But overall Im really happy.

3 colours was all I felt I needed, although I may play with the choices.

This is probably further from the initial brief then I might have liked, its not that doodly I guess but I think I discovered a lot of new shapes to work with from the first stages that progressed into the final work. 

Basically this piece wouldn't have existed without the 'exploration' stages that went before it and of course the excellent tution of Mr Jon Burgerman + Burg.

I learnt some great tips and learnt the value of a good doodle. Thanks a ton! x

UPDATE 10.03.14

Took Jon's advice on playing with the ideas of interaction within the forest and gave the image some depth. Some more subtle colours worked better on this as theres a bit more going on. Super happy with this.


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