Yaela Sans

Lettering, packaging and illustration




 I loved the class, I found to be true and very useful everything said on the videos.

First, I choose this template: 


Then, I draw this:


The first one was supposed to be a koala, the second one a pig looking up, the third, a mouse watching his reflection on the water, the fourth, a surprised dog, the fifth a dancing stick insect.

For the next one, I chose the word "crown" and came up with this:


For the story part I chose an ice cube, the happy scene is swimming in a drink with friends, the sad scene is when the sun hits it, the first scenario is when sleeping with family and friends at night in the freezer, the second is when one of them leaves home to go and what they were created for, and the third is when partying at night with friends from the neighborhood like an ice cream bucket and frozen vegetables bags.


I really liked this excercise, I felt very free and it was extremely fun to imagine scenarios and situations. I'm very glad with the results, I felt very creative every step of the way.

Then, for the sounds excercise I listened to a TED talk, because I also love them. I chose this one https://www.ted.com/talks/anders_fjellberg_two_nameless_bodies_washed_up_on_the_beach_here_are_their_stories but first I read the description, and it said "everybody is someone" later on I started to listen and this phrase came up and I decided to start sketching the phrase with a little modification. 


Then I added a little color.



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