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Doodles in College

I'm in a different place for this than most people. I actually had already started a web comic (It's at, but it began with me drawing stick figures on my Wacom. Mostly because, although I can draw, I was surprised by how much of a learning curve a Wacom has. And I'm a slow artist. :P Right before Sarah posted this class, I had decided I was sick of the stick figures and gave my character a re-design.

It's certainly a big improvement over stick figures, but clearly it needed some work. Then Sarah posted this class on her Tumblr... and I took the plunge to re-design, again.

Wow, it's been a while since I've worked on this "officially". (as in, for this class.) But I finally did it- I made a model sheet!

Okay, so I got a little behind on my comic and am posting it today. But it's done!

I think the first panel could be a lot more clear, and I don't think this is my best comic in the series (that award goes to the Dating Games: Sherlock Edition), but I'm happy with it. 

Any thoughts? Ways I can make this better?


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