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Doodles Part 1 thru 4: Shapes,Slogans,Stories & Sounds (complete)

Part 1: Shapes

I'm a doodler by nature and this was a blast. I used both templates and tried not to look at the gallery too much so that I would be forced to come up with ideas on my own. 


The ape creature is pretty rough but the paper-clip looking shape looked like a fist and reminded me of the way a gorilla walks. The dolphin is my favorite. The shape had me stumped for a long time but the outcome makes me giggle every time :)


The rabbit is creepy and I imagine him talking in an old timey voice for some reason. The birds yelling at each other crack me up. 

I can't wait to do the second project!

Part 2: Slogans- Typographical vs Illustrative

I chose the word "wine" because it's one of my most favorite things. And yes, I was enjoying a glass while doodling :)


Part 3: Stories

My character is an iPhone. I imagine a phone is happiest when it is used (and I play Candy Crush a lot) and upset when it gets cracked or broken. My happy doodle is a little messed up because I had a wiggly 4 yo in my lap who was, incidentally, the insparation for one of the scenarios below :)


Part 4: Ted Talk


I chose a talk from a Hong Kong educator called "How I teach kids to love science". I defaulted to taking notes along with doodling because that's the way I would implement this in my life. When it comes right down to it, this is pretty much what I already do but it's nice to know that doodling during a meeting or class is beneficial.


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