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Jon Leopold

Illustration Student



Doodles & Designs: Cartoon Mashup

It has been many years since I have done any type of contour drawing, this happened to be a refreshing look at an old technique for me.  I never really appreciated it until now, I didn't know what we were suppose to be achieving in school.  Now I understand that a single contour scriblle was meant to be treated like clay, you had to sculpt out of it what you saw.


Here is my first attempt, I used many different patterns and shading techniques to fill in as much space as I possibly could after the initial scribble or doodle.

Then I made a second attempt at something cleaner and much more simple.


I tried to use as little detail as possible but still make a big impact in the final product.  I found a less cluttered piece looked much nicer but both have their merits.

Then the color piece, adding a little color allowed each part to speak for itself and made it easier to see each individual chatracter but doesn't take from all of them as a whole.


Eventually I may do one more version of this piece that includes shading and additional textures for each part of the drawing.  Ultimately I feel really good about this piece and I'm very happy with how it turned out.  Please leave comments and criticism below :)


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