Doodled Alphabets

Doodled Alphabets - student project

Doodled Alphabets - image 1 - student project


We all love it when we create art with our own hands... here I am with this class 'Doodled Alphabets' where you will learn how to draw and create hand drawn doodled alphabets. During this class you will learn how to draw bold alphabets and doodle on them without necessary background of art.

By the end of this class you will be able to:

*Draw bold big alphabets without stencils 

*Basic doodle patterns

*Section the alphabets and fill with doodle patterns


Project: Doodle the first letter of your name like I did mine('K' as my name is 'Kirti') during the class

You will have your own art made by you,by the end of this class !!!

You can find my class outline here :


Link to introduction class:

Kirti Bagare
Artist by Passion