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I chose the beginning-doodle template Cathy used in the class. I never thought to begin drawings using simple lines like this and just ad-libbing. It's really fun! I'm looking forward to trying more of these exercises to see what comes out of my brain.


The first word that popped into my head was "Christmas". I started that one, but the word was so long. I know--slacker! Anyway, my next word was "love". I fizzled out toward the end, as you can see.


I chose an ice cream cone as a character for the story part. After happy and sad, I chose angry, embarrassed, and scared. I added a fourth for extra credit.


I chose a talk called "Let's Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs". I'm not sure I'll use any of his ideas on my own kids, but it was interesting. I drew a pattern of dollars and happy coins. 

I love simple ideas that are super beneficial and easy to use, and this class delivered.

Thanks for looking at my project! I appreciate your thoughts. 


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