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Doodle fun illustrator pattern brushes

first i thought this was just a class about creating brushes ( which it is), i didn't know that the goal was to create brushes that we can sell to the market, but i thought i'd give it a try.

Given that i have no access to scanners and expensive cameras except my smartphone, i decided to create illustrator / vector brushes.

so my inpiration for this brush pack are doodle artworks. i started out with some really simple shapes like hearts, teardrops, ellipse, line, wavy lines and this is what i came up with.

with just the simple teardrop pattern brush, i created this cute flowers

and then i created some more complex shapes and created these

and these frames and borders

and i also mixed and match these brushes to create these more complex flowers/circles/pattern (i dont know what to call these)

so lastly i tried to apply it to Live text, but it only look good with Bold Sans serif fonts

i created a total of 23 pattern AI brushes. i had a lot of fun creating these brushes, the hard part was actually creating EPS files and making png files and preview files.  My file size was too big it caused errors when exporting to png files, and also the brushes are automatically expanded when saved as an EPS file, (dont know if its a good thing or not). 

Overall it was a great class, i learned a lot of things. :)

any comments or suggestions are welcome :)

Thank you :)


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