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Doodle for toilette

Hello there,

first of all: love the course. I really re-discoverd a technique of brainless doodling to get in a kind of flow :-). Here i'm going to guide through my learning proces towards the final illustration for this project.

After the first assignment (blind drawing) i did the same but with my eyes open. i wanted to work thematically so i chose the theme food. Normally i have a different style when sketching/drawing but because of the technique explained by Jon i forced myself to make peace with "less thinking more drawing".

Then i knew it: my final piece had to be something around the theme 'toilette'. I want to take my toilette to a higher level and want to create a mini-museum in it :-). No time wasted then because people can enjoy some culture while doing their thing :-)! Think i will combine the technique of the last illustration with some techniques learned by Jon. 

This could be a little resume of what could be in my poopoo today... or you could see it as a searching plate while spending your precious time at the toilet. Where is Wally.02 ...

Let's start the adjusting and coloring in Illustrator, baby!

Tadaaa, my first toilet-art is a fact. Still need to refine some things so that update will follow later.

And off course there is a huge market for my toilet-art:

Color-pages for when sitting on the toilet:

Or in the steps of the famous Where's Waldo-books:


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