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Doodle flat lays

Hey everyone :)

I'll be using one of my shoddy doodles – I haven't quite decided if I want to keep it black & white or go for a bit of colour.

Phase 1: I take a lot of pictures of my doodles and I want to do something with them that's a bit more exciting. Like adding the pens, pencils and other utensils I use, or the object I drew when I didn't doodle another mandala... 

Phase 2: 


Here's my pile of things. It's representative rather than all inclusive – I have a lot more pens and pencils...

Phase 3:

I'm not sure about these yet, I may change them but I also want to have something up for the end of phase 3




Phase 4:

I took another pic of the blue mandala for my final flat lay shot: 


Funny, it didn't look this over-exposed when I edited it... May have to go back and change it a bit.


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