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Concepcion Ballarin

Art enables us to find+lose ourselves



Doodle faces

First of all, I started with the 3 exercises Jon suggested. As you will see, I wasn't really good with the first one "close your eyes and draw":

Believe me, this is the best out of many trials (more than 15).

Then, I moved to the following exercise. I drew while I was listening to music or talking ...   I improved a bit. 

I started the 3rd exercise, trying to draw fluid and turning the page around 

With Photoshop I did the first retouches to the 2 drawings I've chosen for this project.

I enjoy drawing abstract faces, the first ones are my favourite. I've being drawing them since 2001.

Finally, after using Illustrator for 1st time, this is the final result

I know there are many things to be improved, but as the whole process is kind of addictive I think I will improve little by little by practising.

Hope you like it as much as I've ejoyed it !!!

Thanks a lot Jon, for sharing your SKILLS!!


I've tried what Jon suggested. I hope you like it!

I will try more colours.


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