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Ed Rivis




Doodle doo

Love this style of illustration and thought I'd have a go this weekend. (Laid up at home with a broken ankle at the moment - I've been on Skillshare a lot lately!! ;-)

Looking at the awesomely unique work other people have submitted I guess I've simply attempted to copy the style of illustration in Jon's fab videos - but then like I say... I really love the style of art!!

Anyway my first sketch seemed to go okay...

So far so good... or so I thought!

Once I started colouring in, as per Jon's direction, I realised a snag.. there are big areas of the image that aren't 'closed' shapes and therefore won't colour using Live Paint. Oops!

*** NOTE TO SELF: Always remember to draw lines that close all the main areas and shapes in future. ***


(I guess if I keep trying to emulate Jon's brilliant art then maybe that'll just happen automagically... but then I'm not expecting to ever be able to closely emulate Jon's sheer brilliance... I'll suffice for buying his book off Amazon and stare at those instead! :-)



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