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Doodle bunny nesting doll plus pattern

What a lovely class. I really learned a lot about shadowing and precision.

I sadly did not photograph the paper where I did the wet on dry / wet on wet exercises and all the other brush lessons. That one got lost in the middle of busy bunny painting. For the actual illustration I used:

  • Aquarell paper 20 x 20 cm 300g/m2
  • Schmincke watercolor
  • Pigment ink pen
  • Brushes size 00, 2 and 8
  • Pigma Micron ink pen 005 and 01

I illustrated quite a few dolls but fell for this one. I know the flower icon is missing but I didn´t  feel it so the bunny got a bubble and some handlettering instead.


I prepared my ceramic watercolor bowl and out together a color palette I love to work with a lot. It is something between light pastels, spring colors and a touch of quirky neon.


The scanner did not catch the colors quite well. The illustration is a little more shiny and the single icon elements I used for the pattern are more shadowed.


And then I got carried away with this lovely palette of colors and all the inspiration of this wonderful class. In the end I did 6 matching pieces including different pattern designs and another doodle with handlettering. Maybe I will turn these into cozy cushions or a fabric collection. 


In this photo the color palette shows off much better.

Thank you Sandra for all the new ideas I got from this class. I´ve spent hours of painting and have so many more ideas for other motifs. And other nesting dolls I will paint for all the little ones of friends and family. The wet on dry technique really is a good thing to work with for even better results using watercolors.


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