Doodle animation (sound on!)

Doodle animation (sound on!) - student project

Hi Cecile, thank you for your fun class and for waking up my love of animation. In a far and distant past I made a few animations before, on film, as it was done back then. This time I used the free app Stop Motion, which is really easy and quite good. You can even make manual settings for focus and lighting and even shutter time!

Like I wrote to you somewhere else (where was it?), I am looking for a good way, that is not too time consuming, to animate a story that my father wrote before he got Alzheimer's disease. I had him read it for me and I captured it on video. Now I want to illustrate it for him and may be also with him.

This doodle exercise was a lot of fun and shows me how this needn't be too difficult. Making the shapes and seeing some come to live was an absolute joy.

I think I need to start making a storyboard and practice making smooth motion. Well, not necessarily smooth, but in the right pace. It's still quite difficult to imagine how fast it will go :).


The shapes

Doodle animation (sound on!) - image 1 - student project


Doodle animation (sound on!) - image 2 - student project


The first animation



Second study


Third study, of beach and surf, seen from above

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