Doodle a design on a ceramic article

Doodle a design on a ceramic article - student project

Once I have a collection of items together I will post another photo in this project.

Some tips for your project:

In the meantime, go forth and be productive. I am looking forward to seeing some examples from my class followers too! Don't be shy!  Look for any plain ceramic item that would lend itself to being decorated. As for the pens, I am sure you can find decent pens suitable to use on ceramics at most hobby shops. Just check on the pen instructions and firing requirements, they may differ in use to the pens that I use. The pens that I use, do state that the ink is not suitable to come into direct contact with foodstuffs, therefore the little bowls that I have decorated are no longer suitable to put sauce or foodstuffs in (besides candy in a wrapper) so they serve a purely decorative purpose now. As for the mugs, it is not a good idea to decorate the inside of the mug (or bowl) because of the ink being a little toxic, despite being fixed onto the article through firing in the oven. That is the reason why I started my design a bit below lip level, to play on the safe side. If you decorate, for example, a cereal bowl, on the outside, this is not really an issue. Also, do not feel limited to using only black in your design. I only do this through personal taste. If you would like to create something bright and colourful, do so. I will try deviate from my habit and do something in colour, and as soon as I have something suitable, I will also place an example here in this project space.

Tracy Kremer
Freehand illustration