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Doodle a Day

I love to doodle. This class is right up my alley. The biggest challenge will be posting because I use my phone to watch the videos and take pictures. My compute and I are not good friends so it's a chore to send the picture from phone to computer and post my project. (I can do Twitter from the phone.)

Today I was able to boot up the computer immerdiately after doodling. It may be late some days before I post. Or sometimes every other day. :)

This is fun.


My brain was so mad. I would have redone the arms differently with more time but the brain was cursing madly. 


Yesterday I never got on the computer so Day 3 was only on Twitter. Here it is now. Comer means "to eat" in Spanish and I didn't think past that so immediately started with the open mouth. I realized when it was done that I could also have used the word, "delicious."


I liked my Day 3 more than my completed Day 4 so I put it in the cover photo slot for today.

None of the words for Day 4 did much for me. I finally selected "day" then decided to juxtapose the bright, shiny character with "knight." Sorry. Couldn't resist the homophones.

Neither character turned out exactly the way I wanted it to look but it's a doodle. No perfection, right?



Today I looked up all the words that were not familiar. I already had decided on Amelia Earhart. That doodle definitely came up lacking.

However, when I saw that mojarra was a fish I wanted to do that, too. I love to draw fish. So I doodled both. Guess I should have combined them with a big fish jumping out of the water to grab Amelia's plane. Things like that occur to me later. I think of great comeback's for things that happened at lunch at 2 a.m.

Oh, well. Maybe I'll do that tonight. 


Once again I've gotten a little behind in posting - but not doodling. I post my doodles on Twitter each day because I can do that from my phone.

First addition: the combo doodle I did from Day 5 with the mojarra grabbing the wing of Amelia's plane. Once it popped into my brain I just had to do it.


On to Day 6. I went berserk. Had concepts for three different word choices so I did them all. 


I especially like my mezzo soprano. 

Day 7  A challenge. I had thoughts for a couple of words without making up a new meaning. I went with raffinose. The new meaning is written on the doodle. It's actually some kind of food substance.


Can hardly wait for tomorrow's assignment. Although if I catch up on my other projects I may go back for more words from today.

Finally catching up on postng. Has anyone figured out that I hate the computer?

Anyway, here's Day 8. It was a really fun one that went fast. 


Day 9 didn't draw exactly like I saw it in my mind. Had trouble with the batfish standing up. Ruth means mercy so I saw the batfish - which is a pretty cool fish when you lok it up - as a nurse in a ward.


I chose butterbur for my word. Butterbur is a natural healer for migraine headaches. Several different-looking plants seem to be in the family. My story was an adult butterbur demonstrating the power to a couple of young plants.


I messed up a bit on the lettering but I think the story is clear.

This has been a great class. I've signed up for doodle a day words in my email and plan to keep it up. I'll post on Twitter when I remember to do it. Social media is definitely not my thing. Thanks so much, Rich, for an opened door. (And you really do have a cute accent.)


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