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Doodle Style Heart and Shamrock

I will start by saying that I just can't grasp the pen tool!  I was really struggling with this class because I simply could not draw a heart with the pen tool!  Nor could I draw the "m" shape for the brush!  I nearly gave up - but then I realized that I could use the pencil tool instead.

Ok, so I cheated!  I used the pencil tool to draw my heart, my shamrock, and my brush shapes. 

But then I was able to follow along with all the rest of the instructions.  I learned so much about making variations in lines - the dotted line, the checkerboard, how to make a perfectly scaled reduction of my shape - and how to make and use a custom brush.  

I enjoy learning in "small bites" like this, and creating a specific project.  I feel like I really got these techniques down and now I can use them in any project.  Well, except for the pen tool.  It's really eluding me. 



Here's my doodle style heart. 


Then, since it's almost March, I made a doodle style shamrock! 

I learned a lot in this very worthwhile class! 


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