Jess Ruiz

Doodle Designer



Doodle Quest

It's been a while since I've sat down to do anything creative, so when I took on the doodle sheet assignment I was a little nervous. My first batch were really stiff, and I felt like I couldn't make much of them though I tried. I took a little longer than 30 minutes on the first side because I really wanted to warm myself up so I could tackle the back of the page.


The second side was a breeze and so much more fun, though I'm not sure if any of these would make very good comics. Maybe I could flesh them out on another doodle sheet? I began with the three flat shapes with the eyes and just kept on running. I do like the idea of alien veggies battling alien sweets for space supremacy. Maybe I'll expand on that...


This was a great class, John. Just what I needed to get my creative juices flowing!


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