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Doodle Project

Sadly, I don't have a copy of Illustrator nor do I actually desire to download it either.

A subconcious doodle drawn during the early stages of the course. I took my time over the course and just let things develop on their own. I joined this course really for the first few stages, the ability to loosen up and create something as free as simply doodling. Since being on the course I've been a bit addicted to the process of creating abstract art compared to that of creating more human form characters.

So when it comes to finish the class in the traditional sense (No pun intended) then I'll be graded a big fat F - but I think the thing with art is that the rules are meant to be blured and turned into little blobby things and thus we have new creations!

I hope you like my outcome even though it may not be as crisp and wonderful looking as the sharpness that Illustrator offers but... pens = <3

And something with a bit of colour in it as well. I'm still getting to gribs with different traditional colouring methods so if anyone would like to offer advice or just give me a shout as to what theylike to use please do.

[Edit] Just wanted to add another piece that I have done thanks to this course.
(Bad photograph altert)

Much Love


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