Doodle Over the Moon

UPDATE #2 :  Made the comet's a lot smaller, they are still deadly so the game has some difficulty involved, but they're small enough to dodge if you're stuck on a platform when one tries to hit you. :D



Character :) Sprite put in!  I worked really hard to make this the only thing left after updating you guys last night.

It's been awesome!

So happy I took this class!  Doodle over the Moon turned out pretty neat and I consider this 90 percent done (I wanna get a character to replace the capsule!)

I'd also like to thank Karl  for his help with the teleport issues early on and to everyone who responded to the thread I started on the issue as well!

Playable version here:


Final Version here guys ^^ Hope you like it!


I made the ITween shake happen on the blocks themselves rather than the camera, and I went ahead and created 3 types of blocks to hit.  One takes 2 hits to destroy, the regular blocks only take 1 and the darker blocks are indestructable.

Onto doodle jump! :D


Wanted to go crazy but ran into major issues with getting my two static colliders to be able to interact with eachother while keeping the ball a rigid body :C - Still finished up color randomization and added a bit of art though

Breakout!? Playable Version:


Hey guys, posting up some of the start of what our awesome teacher put up today :)-- I decided to put in a limited vertical element with the same constraints as the XPos...

That's for a planned expansion on the game idea/design ^^ more to come soon!

Breakout!? Playable Version:

Getting everything finished up, made the web build bigger and added ambient sound today.  The PlayMaker stuff is great but I'm trying to figure out what mechanics fit best for this scene and how to involve PlayMaker into the implementing stuff.

Wish me luck, I hope to update again before Wens next week :)!


Showing off a basic Unity3d scene that's in progress for art (created by myself), currently utilizing the standard FPS controller as well as some other basic items such as main menu etc.

I have a playable build for the web here : http://illysian.com/Builds/Build_withcurrent.php

-Update:  Working on getting the textures into/onto the buildings atm :)

^Building 1 is finished, also put in the sidewalk planning on doing most of the assets over the weekend like so :) (still debating on mechanics and designs to pursue for user experience)

Got another building out today and refined the material setup for the existing buildings :)

Playable version here: http://illysian.com/Builds/Build_withcurrent.php


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