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Doodle Madness!

Alright, so for the first project, I used the template in the video. These are what I came up with:


The letter exercise was really fun! This is actually something they had us do in my typography class in college, and I like it because it forces you to go out of your bubble using shapes that you HAVE to use (i.e. the letters), which I think requires extra creativity.


For my object, I chose a candle on my coffee table. xD It was really fun to do this one! It reminded me of back in high school, when I would doodle on my notes and such in class and come up with weird little characters (for an example, I had made a comic called Oxy and Mallow, the story of a super grumpy quarter and his really optimistic marshmallow friend). It felt nice to be like "Hey look! I can still do that! ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST."



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