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Nora Patterson

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Doodle Madness

I have tried this kind of drawing before and it has produced terrible results...leading me to believe that I have zero imagination left. I am hoping to learn to be more expressive and free spirited with my drawings, just to know that I'm able. I'm a fan of Shantell Martin's work and her style, and I'm looking forward to taking what I've absorbed from her and putting it down on paper. 

:: Drawing while standing up ::


I didn't have a large sheet of paper to draw on, so I had to stick with my sketchbook. I made sure to take a photo of the before DNA of the image.  I like the outcome, but I think i spent too much time on it. I still need to practice being a bit more spontaneous.

:: Drawing with Music ::


I listened to Sleater-Kinney and Kendrick Lamar...Two artists I hadn't really given a chance before, but I ending up really liking both of them. These two images are more loose and messy than what I normally do. The music definitely influenced my movements. 

:: Drawing while rotating paper ::


For this drawing, I rotated the paper to get the DNA, then I kept turning the paper to draw each different piece of the image.

:: Drawing blindfolded ::


:: Drawing while talking aloud ::


For this one, I decided to use a dip pen to see how different of an effect it would have on the result. It was a little difficult to be continuous and spontaneous when I kept having to refill the ink. I had a conversation with my boyfriend about what we were going to over the holiday weekend.

Great class! Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for looking.


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