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Doodle Jump + Collision fix Tutorial +Extra platforms + Source

Update #8 Doodle Jump Shooter!?

Play Now or Source

Spent a good portion of today trying to figure out mouse targetted shooting and did it!

You can now use the mouse to aim your gun and shoot the randomly generated targets for a score boost. I have also updated my source so you can see how it is done. (in a nutshell; using mouse pick and look at)

Update #7 New platform types and randomised coin locations

I have updated my version of Doodle jump to include two new platform types: a moving platform and a breakable platform. Both platforms are randomly generated but the randomiser is weighted so that it is more likely to spawn default platforms. I have also included randomised coin locations with a random Y variable, this means you often have to go out of your way to collect them increasing the risk/reward of the game. As with the last few updates you can:

Play with my Doodle Jump here


Check out my source

Update #6 Finishing the tutorial videos

I've just finished the final video for the course and just wanted to thank Brandon for organising all of this. I have learned a lot! 

I've added a few extra things to the doodle jump game and plan on adding a few more. The main difference is that I have made the coins seperate from the platforms. You still increase your score by jumping on a platform once but you get a bonus for collecting a coin. Coins are manually placed at the moment but I plan on randomising them.

Play with my Doodle Jump here


Check out my source

Update #5 Doodle Jump Progress and Collision Error Fix Tutorial

I am making good progress with the Doodle Jump videos but I became stuck when my character inexplicably kept falling through my platforms. After looking through the discussion board I found others having the same problem. The problem it turns out is because the method we were using to detect whether collision should be on or off was too slow.

Ana Stepic discovered that the best way to fix this woud be to find the players velocity and check whether it is greater than 0 to check if it is moving up or less than 0 to check if it is falling. If the player is moving up than collision is disabled and if the player is falling enable it.

Actually implementing this is fairly simple:

1) set up an empty game object. This will contain all our setup events.

2)  in the start state use a find game object action to find the player using the player tag and save the result in a global game object variable called playerObj (or something similar). I use a global variable here so I don't need to search for the player object in every platform.

3) add another state and connect it to the start state via a finished event. Call it GetPlayerVelocity and add a get velocity action. Use the global playerObj variable we set up before and under the Y value add another global variable this time a float called PlayerVelocity  make sure you tick every frame here.

4) select your platform prefab

5) remove all the actions in the init(start) state except for the float compare but replace the two values with our global PlayerVelocity and 0. rename the events to movingUp and movingDown. In your float compare you want movingDown if PlayerVelocity is equal to or less than 0 and MovingUp if greater than 0. (make sure to check every frame)

6) Connect movingUp to your Disable Collider State and movingDown to the Enable Collider State. 

7) Strip out everything but the Set Property action from the Enable and Disable Collider States. Copy the float compare from your start state into both states. (make sure to check every frame)

8) Finally remove the movingUp event from the float compare in the disable collider state and the moving down event from the enable collider state.

Hope this helps! also you can look at my source here if any part confused you. (note: I have the full version of playmaker to avoid sharing the full version I have activated preview mode which means you will be able to look at but not edit anything in the playmaker windows) SOURCE

Update #4 Breakout!

So I just finished the breakout videos and my eyes are dazzled with possibilities. Check out my version of it here.

Update #3 Gemroids

Play Gemroids Now!

Using what I learnt from this class plus some videos from Hutong I have made my first playmaker game: Gemroids! Gemroids is a simple asteroids/chain-reaction hybrid. The goal is to clear all the gems in as few shots as possible while avoiding colliding with then.

Controls: WASD - movement, Spacebar - shoot

Known issues: There is no collision with the borders so if you move off the edge of the screen you might get lost.

There is a few seconds of invincibility at the start of the game so you dont die instantly that you don't get after restarting the game.

Update #2 PokeCenter Scale and Layout

I have done a Layout of my Pokecenter paying close attention to scale. You can walk around it to get a sense of where everything is going to go. The building will incorporate a pharmacy/gift store a fast food restaraunt, an arcade and the Pokecenter proper.

Next update I will add some interactivity. Planned interactions are currently: A working Pokeball (you can throw it and it will spawn something), Automatic main doors, A jukebox and two arcade games (the games we are making for the class).


Update #1 VR PokeCenter

I have an Oculus Rift devkit coming my way in a month or two and I thought now would be a perfect time to start developing a portfolio project that I can use with it. For those who are unaware of the Rift, it is a Virtual Reality headset that completely fills your vision and tracks the orientation of your head so that your truely feel inside the game.

My first portfolio project will be a Pokecenter from the Pokemon series of games. I'm also going to try to add the other projects we create here as arcade machine games inside the Pokecenter.


Spent a couple of hours doing this for this weeks project: Skillshare Asylum

I dropped the default fps controller so you can run around it.

Webplayer Build here



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