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Doodle All Day! Animated GIF

I chose to write "doodle all day" because that's what I love doing :-D

This was fun and interesting to do. I learned some Photoshop skills along the way which is awesome. The one trouble I had was when I cropped, I didn't write "px" and instead left "cm", so the file was huge and the program stalled for a while. But at some point I figured out my mistake and fixed it. The tips for how to distort were very helpful. It was easy to refer back to the video lessons to focus on a particular step - which is why I love bite-sized classes, they're easier to follow.

Next time I'll put more effort into the hand-lettering and use a scanner and maybe a pen with a wider nib. This could be fun to try with brush lettering too!

Here's my finished animated GIF. I'm not a hand-letterer but I thought I'd try anyway. It's not perfect but it's a good start :-) Thanks for this class!



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