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Christine Esperanza

A designer and a dabbler



Donuts and other sweet treats

1. A list of inspiration / motif theme ideas:

My inspiration was "sweet treats"!

  • Donuts
  • Croissants
  • Cruellers
  • Boston Creme
  • Cupcakes
  • Cake Slice
  • Cookies

2. My original drawing (for some reason I can't upload it in the right orientation!):


I had gone into this project primarily into wanting to sketch all donuts, but as I was going through inspiration images and creating a moodboard, I found I was craving (pun intended) some visual variety in my baked goods patterns. I particularly liked the texture that a crueller, croissant, and cinnamon roll added to my pattern.

3. My watercolor drawing, cleaned up in Photoshop:


I liked Jenn's suggestion of choosing a color palette before starting to paint. I might try future iterations with an accent color of blue or purple, but overall I liked the visual unity of all warm colors- red, orange, and yellow. I found it to be a fun exercise to make sure the treats did not look too monochromatic, as I had to be careful to mix up how colors lined up next to each other (kind of like how you want to use different colors for states or countries in a map).

4. The vectorized objects (with a background)


Vectorizing the objects was a great trick to learn- I thought the "sweet treats" started to pop even more at this stage.

5. My repeating pattern in yellow and pink:



I kept the patterns pretty much the same throughout the process- I plan on mixing it up for a bonus pattern I will upload later. However, I love how the sweet treats gently pop from the background, and I was really excited to see that the final pattern had the vibe I was going for- slightly unrealistic/cartoony donuts (one of my latent inspirations was probably Homer Simpson and that cartoon look of "The Simpsons"). I am actually using the pink pattern as my current desktop wallpaper because I loved how it turned out! This was a fun class- thanks Jenn!


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