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Donut Quixote

thought i would make a donut riding on the back of an eclair. will be using inkscape to make this over the next few days



after spending lunch working with inkscape:


drew the eclair and chocloate, roughed out shaped for the donut. will add some piping stripes to the eclair to make it look like a long piece thats deforming rather than 3 seperate circles. started to draw blobs of icing for the donut


after spending lunch working with inkscape:


coloured frosting and added basic sprinkles

added the stripe around the side of the donut cause by frying (split the side into 2 secitions and filled with 2 different radial aradients.

sat donut on eclair and added a shadows on and under eclair



added tablecloth,a rough bg color coffee stirer and milk creamer hat androughed out the sugar dispenser and sugar, need to work out how the glass should look, not 100% sold on the sugar dispenser glass as it is, needs to me more blue i think.



last update- i will leave it a few days & see if there's anything else i want to change


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