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Don't waste your time icon

I used to waste too much time on internet when I have a break, but sometimes  I get exited and I forgot thath I have other things to do. So I created an icon that make me remember that I need to get back to work, but it can help others with the same problems in the office, or at their house.

My "intention triangle" is the next:

  1. Action: Make me remember that I'm wasting too much time on internet.
  2. Location. Computer screen.
  3. Sign. Melted clock. 


I get inspired by the paint "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali, where he had painted many clocks getting melted. When I see the melted clocks, it's make me feel that I'm not conscious of the time, so I decided to use it as my  icon.I decided to draw the icon on prespective, I think it gives  a better approach of the melted parts of the clock. For the corners, I decided to use just a line to make the things simple.

Here are some of my sketches:


Re-creating the idea in Illustrator.


The final version:


Printing and installing the signal.

I Installed the signal on the screen of my computer, to remember to dont get to exited looking pages on internet.



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