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Don't try to make someone else's quilt

My auntie Kristie is one of the best forces in my life. Along with my mom she has encouraged me to be an illustrator, but has also shaped what sort of illustrator I want to be. One thing she always told me my whole life was "Don't try to make someone else's quilt." Which took me an extremely long time to understand because she is a traditional hand quilter(and a crazy patch quilter and a knitter and a felter and....) and I always remember her using patterns from older quilts. Finally, as I have gotten older, I finally have begun to understand what it was that she was trying to tell me. The pattern may be the base, but the colors you choose and the way you sew it together is all you. So, for my very first lettering project, I felt like it would be a good homage to her to try and do this saying.

The pillows are my aunties handiwork! I started with them for my inspiration.

Because I am working on a pretty old computer that likes to crash every wednesday or when it feels bitchy, I don't save images to it anymore. So for my moodboard I'm afraid I'm going to have to direct you to my pinterest:

I searched for cross stitch, vintage school books, country women and vintage photographs and cabins in the woods and well, you can see it all there if you want to look.

Here is the first bit of the assignment, with the different sorts of letterforms. I mostly copied since I was pretty unfamiliar about what they were in the first place.

The sketch before the end. Dun dun dun.

And the final! I like some of the words, like the word else's, and the word try, but once I finished the project and took a step back, I realized that it doesn't read the way it should. From a different room looking into my workspace I realized it mainly reads "DON'T QUILT." which is pretty much SPOT ON to what I was trying to say. :/ But, if you don't fail you don't learn, right? What I did take away from this lesson was an attitude adjustment. I had thought that since I'm pretty good at drawing things from life and making representational art that letters would be easy to draw. But that is hardly true. I had taken letters for granted before this, and now I'm really going to try to get it right and I'm looking forward to the next project!


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