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Jensen Warner

Don't be nervous.



Don't talk about Fight Club.

I have chosen Fight Club as my book!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I've read the book and seen the movie more times than I can count, and I can't wait to get the project rolling :)

Initial Sketches

Sorry for my television show watch list - NO JUDGEMENT.

All of these sketches are really rough - I didn't spend more than a minute or two on each. I plan on refining two or three of these before I pick the final concept.

The first idea/sketch is kind of obvious for the book - P made from a pink soap bar. I sketched it with blood dripping off the end, but it could go either with or without. I think it's a solid concept, but I would like to pursue something more abstract.

The second sketch is of a plain white P. I'm not entirely sure that this is one that I would want to pursue further, since I based it off of the IKEA reference in the novel. At the same time, I feel like I could do some really interesting subtle things with white on white or something to make it more complex. Who knows?

The third one is almost a joke, but I couldn't not at least THINK about it. I won't go into to it because I'm pretty sure it's self-explainatory.

The fourth one is another "should I / shouldn't I" concept. P made out of a cluster of sperm. Perhaps the P looks visually like an "egg" so they would be fertilizing? Tyler makes a few references to the possibility of God not wanting or liking "you" in the book and I feel like the "conception of life" goes with that in a way.

The fifth concept is - you guessed it - a beautiful and unique snowflake. I just have no idea how I can translate "snowflake" to the letter P. I feel like it has the potential to work with C, but I want it to be P because of all the P references in the book. I'm sure if I took more time I could develop this further and it would look like a snowflake, and I probably will, but for now this is what I have for that haha.

The last sketch is my favorite. Its "theme" is Paper Street Soap Company. The detail of the inside design is from the business card that Tyler hands out in the film. It's a deicate and almost feminine design, but I think that's intruiguing since Fight Club is so masculine and grungy.

First Illustrator translations

I decided to pursue the soap with blood as well as the snowflake/paper street concepts. I thought it would be cool to incorporate the design from the Paper Street business card into the snowflake, so I made my original darwing slightly more geometric. In an odd way it kind of felt like Gatsby haha

ANYWAY - I struggled trying to find a way to make a P look like a snowflake. After days of frustration, I decided to take one from Jessica and cluster the snowflakes together. Each snowflake is exactly the same, with the exception of rotation and size variations. I think it's kind of interesting because you wouldn't know they were the same unless you looked closely (or I told you). I would like to push this further and refine the actual snowflakes, but I wanted to throw this out here for feedback since it took me a while to get it together.

Ideally, I would like to have one of the smaller snowflakes have a spot gloss. Only one. 

The P shaped soap came out pretty okay in my opinion. I decided that the next iteration will have curved edges to make it feel more like used soap. The blood spatter also need a lot of work. With the exception of the curved edges, I'm struggling with ways to make it actually feel like soap without going too far. *sigh*

The title and author name would *in theory* be gold foil. I'm not sure why, but I feel like it fits.


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