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Nikol Ramirez

Graphic and web designer



Don't stop / No pares

Mi phrase is "No pares, sigue, sigue" which means "Don't stop, keep going, keep going" in spanish.

It is a motivation phrase that urge you to not stop on whatever makes your heart happy. This time I'm going to refer to fitness and health, and the way that we should make sacrifices to fulfill our weight goals and find success on that path.


  • stop sign
  • Exercise
  • health
  • fitness
  • music
  • clean eating
  • colors
  • weight
  • measurement
  • sweat
  • self love
  • confidence
  • fun
  • tears
  • will
  • effort
  • diet
  • sacrifice
  • running
  • measurement tape
  • clothes
  • abs
  • well being
  • success
  • goals
  • sneakers
  • steps
  • realization
  • focus
  • happiness
  • cardio


I want my lettering to have a cartoonish air. I'd really like the rubber and the measurment tape textures for this type so I based my research on them. I want to use bright colors, like apple green, yellow pink and orange to accomplish a really clean and vibrant illustration.


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