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Isabelle F.

Graphic designer



Don't let your dreams be dreams''

July 13th

Finally had time to come back to my project. Something didn't seem right so asked a graphic designer friend to comment on it. Glad I did because I think it is much better now.

Moving on to a final inked version


April 28

inked sketch! I think about moving the cloudes at the bottom with the balloon the leave more spave for the word 'be'

April 2nd

3rd thumbnail, what do you think?

March 26

2nd sketch!

March 25

Herés my first sketch. I find the bottom part to be a bit empty so I'll have to figure something out :)

Also here's another thumbnail I came up with that I like a lot!

March 24

here are my favourite thumbnails and details. I think I like the left one the best because it balances the emphasis on the important words. I like hiw the little clouds complement the word "dream". I revisited a test from my exploration for this.

I'm getting started on my project with the sentence 'Don't let your dreams be dreams' which is in a song by Jack Johnson.

I want to create something with a very positive energy, with nice bright colors but something light and airy at the same time.

So here's my moodboard

I kindof fell for the hot air balloon illustration, I like the feeling of it.

And I'm just getting started with some lettering ideas and moving forward to the thumbnails!

Love this class so far


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