Don't give up, do it


  1. By Abril 30, 2016 i will be able to read an small article at leas 3x faster with 70% greather comprehension. Now i'm used to "auto-spam", saving a lot o articles that i flag interesting, but i dont read half of it, and even those i read, its slow and sometimes without enough comprehension.
  2. By June 30, 2016, i want to be able to read at least 1 book per month, with no give up. I normally read slow and I gave up halfway through the book. I usually lose the focus, because of too many thoughts coming.
  3. By Jyly,2016 i want to start an intense english course focused on business. So i will be abble to memorize almost all new vocabulary, expressions and other teachings.
  4. By December 31, 2016, i will be able to speak, write and read Italian enough to get information with locals and talk about general stuff like the weather, family, documents, food, politics.
  5. By December 31, 2016 i will be abble to play 15 songs on guitar without forggeting some parts :D

I need to achieve this things because:

  1. I really love to learn, and a i love to teach or to talk about anything. In complex themes we need good argumments, so we need a good memory too.
  2. I own a design studio with plans to make international jobs.
  3. I lead a team, and i want to be the best leader i can.
  4. I'm in a process for gettin Italian Citizenship.


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