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Don't forget your heart...

Milestone III - Final Processed Shots

Fort Point

I love the feel of this place.  I wanted to show a different perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge with the beautiful architecture of Fort Point complementing it.

Hawk Hill | Marin Headlands

The Marin Headlands look amazing from Hawk Hill, especially with the ship that just came from under the bridge sailing off into the distance.  The common shot from this viewpoint is one of the GGB, but I'm sure everyone has seen it a million times already.

Mount Davidson

This place is a must-visit on a foggy San Francisco morning.  It looks like you're in a fairytale and is one of the amazing little spots of nature that are scattered throughout the city.  These 2 trees in particular capture my attention everytime I visit.

Caltrain Tunnel

Trash mentioned in the scouting lesson that you don't have to trespass to find good spots.  This is one of those spots that (in my opinion) is worth the risk.  Just beware of the train!

Sutro Baths

One of my favorite places in SF to catch a beautiful sunset.  It gets crowded here, but sometimes you can catch that perfect moment where just 1 person is walking across the frame, being backlit by the sun, creating an awesome silhouette.  I love the placement of everything (the person with his camera, the rock with the sun behind it and the ship in the background), which was all luck with the timing.

Ina Coolbrith Park

This is a cool spot in the Russian Hill neighborhood of downtown SF.  Just rich neighborhood folks here, enjoying their million dollar view.

View from my penthouse balcony (yeah right).

Here's a view of the Financial District (FiDi) with the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island in the background.

Milestone II - Capturing

Here are some of my favorite shots that I captured, in unedited form.  In milestone III, I'll put up a little blurb about the location of the final, processed shots.

Milestone I - Scouting

San Francisco has many faces.  From the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, it's difficult to capture the entire city with just a few pictures.  I tried to capture different perspectives that you wouldn't see on a tourist's camera roll.


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