Don't do it in the Park

Don't do it in the Park - student project

Don't do it in the Park - image 1 - student projectMy quote is from this hillarious video that's on YouTube. A bunch of snowboarder guys have built some jumps in a park, and a "ranger" just goes mental. 

I wanted a font that was more of a contrast than what you might typically associate to snowboarding / "park rats" and/or the kind of things the "ranger" says. I wanted something soft, round, classy but that says "laid back" rather than posh and uptight. 

I would like to decorate it too with "swirls" (what is the proper name)? but this is what I've got so far. 
One idea is to make it look like branches? (to connect with the park thing) but I'm not sure. 

I def need to practise more, and getting the right flow of the lines and slant, but its really fun with lettering!

Any tips, comments are welcome!

and I forgot the apostrophe.