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Don't Wait For The World To Get Better


My phrase is from a song by the band Conditions. It is "don't wait for the world to get better".

After finding some inspiration, I started some sketches. 
(I don't know why it's putting some of my images horizontal- sorry about that) 

The message i'm trying to convey is that if you're somewhere you don't want to be, get out of that place. Essentially, if you don't like where you are (literally or metaphorically) then explore and get away from that place. The imagery that I'm going to use to convey this is planets and stars- this will convey the literal sense and hopefully someone can gain some sort of insight into the mental side of the message.

Right now I'm on one of my final drafts.  I just need to retrace it, figure out what I want to do with "wait" and add stars. :)

Any tips, suggestions, and critiques welcome!

Thank you!

Cierra Woodard


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