Don't Touch the Typewriter!

My illustration was inspired by two things: 1. The classic Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, 2. the intense NaNoWriMo challenge (write a novel in one month) that is crazy difficult and turning me into quite the grump this month (but I swear I'm having fun writing!) 

A Disney scene that still sticks in my memory is when Belle first sees the magical rose in the forbidden wing of the castle in Beauty and the Beast. She's so fascinated by the rose that she can't help but give into her curiosity and get closer to it, and I wanted to capture that sense of forbidden curiosity in my illustration.

I wanted to envision a space that would be magical and highly guarded for one character but would pique the curiosity of another character. Drawing from the writing experience, I decided to draw two hermit crab characters.

One of them was Sheldon, a hermit crab and avid reader; while looking for a shell of his own, he accidentally stumbles into the shell of his favorite author K.R. Abby. As he explores, he finds himself in an introvert's paradise with shelves and shelves of books. And then, he catches a glimpse of THE typewriter that K.R. Abby is using to write his next story.  Unbeknownst to Sheldon, Abby is struggling to churn out his next story and is terrified of anyone seeing his work its rough draft (yikes!). 

The goal for this scene was to capture the tension of Abby catching an intruder in his writing space and Sheldon wanting to catch that glimpse of his favorite author's next story. 

This was the initial sketch:


I wasn't happy with the shape of it because I was looking for the dome or looming shape of what I imagined the inside of a hermit crab's shell to look like, but thanks to that handy tip of using the perspective tool, I was able to get closer to what I imagined:



I really liked the section about color and playing around with it. Here's the final illustration:



This class was so much fun, and I absolutely loved the history of animation sections. Now, when I watch animated movies, I feel like a see an extra layer of detail behind each scene. Thanks Ira!


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