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Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

My initial thought for this project came while listening to my newest vinyl purchase, "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" by, you guessed it, Bob Dylan. This track has always been a popular one and it's easy to see why, it's catchy as hell. The title of the track takes on a melody in the song that will lodge itself in your skull and set up not a camp, but a lavish, luxurious home because it's going to stay with you for a long, long time. After a few casual listens, you'll probably be drawn to the song for the melody. But if you stick around and listen deeper to the song you'll be able to pick out a larger message from Dylan than the bouncy, melancholy melody would suggest.

The song describes a relationship, presumably involving Dylan and a lady. During the opening stanza, it's easy to think that the two lovers are simply growing apart, that maybe they've been together a while and have run their course. But as the second stanza will let you know, Dylan says to her, "You're the reason I'm a-traveling on." So I think it's fair to say that she's done something to hurt Dylan. Other lyrics support this idea, from telling her it's too late to turn on her "light", to saying "I once loved a woman, a child I am told" to saying that goodbye is too good a word for her. Obviously, he feels she's acted childish and he's through with it. I imagine Dylan possibly fell for her. He fell in love and told her he did and she didn't reciprocate the feelings. I believe it was a unique relationship, he says "We never did much talking anyways" so I feel like that means they had a fling and she viewed it as that while Dylan took it further. 

Every other stanza it comes back, "Don't think twice, it's all right" as if to reassure the woman, as well as himself, that what's done is done, don't worry about it anymore. Dylan knows there's no going back and he's doing his best to accept it. I think that can be applied to many instances in life. The past is the past and what's been done has been done. Don't think twice about it, it's all right now. 

So, I've taken all these words to say that I think everyone could benefit from trying to apply this mantra to any aspect of their life. We all worry too much, and for what? Stress, sadness, depression? We should be thinking one time and one time only, then moving on because, the whole cosmic scheme of things, it truly is all right. 

Here are my associated words with my phrase so far. 

Here are my initial warm up lettering excercises. They turned out better than I expected. I inked them so they'd scan better. iPhone scanner apps are actually pretty useful. Full disclosure, I am an engineer, not an artist. I borrowed quite a few things from the examples, but I think I added some character to it. I've had a few ideas for the piece today and I think a few of these should fit quite nicely. I did some research on Dylan and Tin Pan Alley and that era of typography and such to get some ideas. 

CRITICAL UPDATE: I have committed a cardinal sin. I got the title of the song incorrect. The title is Don't Think Twice It's All Right. I apologize and I should be scolded for this. I accept any and all punishments that stem from this crucial error. 

So i've done some thumbnails, and they are not nearly as detailed as they were shown in the video. However, I basically only used these for layout work and not much for detail work. Like I mentioned earlier, I want this to be the label on a vinyl. I did have another thought while drawing these, I was thinking of my word "folk" and noticed that a guitar has 6 strings and my phrase has 6 words so I thought of putting one word on a string, so thats what the bottom one is. I could then draw one of the strings like a 12 string guitar and put 2 strings on the word Twice to emphasize the twice idea. I'm also playing around with the guitar on top for the word Don't, I think it fits and covers the "folk" word again. I'm thinking the strings from the headstock could fly around and act as ornamentation. I drew the circles too small to draw some of that out. It was also hard to fit all the words in the circles so next time I think i'll draw the circles bigger for the thumbnails. 

I think I may sketch out three or four of these full scale and see what I can come up with before choosing one. I didn't ink these so the scan is mediocre at best. But you can see what I'm trying to do.

I have done an intial sketch of one of the thumbnails. I don't have a ruler right now so I didn't use one for lines and such but I will for my final sketch. I think I like this one. I need to draw it bigger still I think. I imagine this being around an 18 x 24 in poster. I'm lacking in ornamentation, the bottom especially feels empty. I'm going to do a few more later and see what happens. Here's #1 though. 

And here's another sketch of the strings of the guitar idea. Basically everything is going to stem from one of these two I figure. Unless something brilliant just hits me. I need to work on the spacing in both of them as well as the line work of course, but i'm still trying to decide where I want to go. I could also still use more ornamentation i'm sure, that seems to be my weak point. (You can't really see, but there are 6 guitar strings in there, I didn't feel the need to spend time making them look good and I just realized you can't see them, oops!)

Perhaps not my final drawing, but another step closer. The vinyl circle is off and I feel like the bottom is a little empty. The guitar has strings drawn in on it but I guess they didn't show up on the picture. I'll probably do another and post it before going final with it.


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