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Don't Talk About It, Be About It

My quote is "Now I say it less in words and more silently in work" by Vicent Van Gogh. To me, it's about having the courage and strength that comes from confidence when one stops trying to convince or impress others. This thought is a evolution, a maturity that comes probably from being humbled or from looking at things realistically and honestly. It's meaningful to me because I want to encourage myself to stop talking and start doing. Start demonstrating my commitment, my dreams, my focus by being fruitful, by being about it. Shoot, maybe that should be my sentence "Be About it" LOL Hmmm,

My emotion is aware

My moodboard is inspired by showing irony, metamorphisis/transformation, diligence. The animals are ones that trigger thoughts and stories (hare and tortoise - slow and steady; ant - hardwork; chryraslis, butterfly - change, snail - keep moving slowly but surely) The sweater just reminds me that one point it was string and a vision and now it is a sweater. The typography interested me in that it created visuals and so these are more literal inspirations of using words to illustrate something beautiful. The colors on this board are vibrant which to me show fruitfulness, hopefulness that comes from a heightened awareness and alert state that thing cannot stay the same they must move forward.

self-control, simple, earnest, insighful, transform, move forward (those are my thoughts about the phrase).

I'm thinking that I want to show awareness by showing a change to something better.


January 29 thumbnails

I'm struggling...the graphic design part of me keeps visualizing icons/imagery over how to draw letters and marry the two. Sigh. I wanted to do something with the tortoise/hare, but prob too cliche. Kinda wanted to put the tortoise pattern in letters but that's not aware or urgent. I have a travel poster in my house that has woman standing on an island, so that gave me an idea of the dancer standing on "about." was trying to use the lower case i and capital To for the body of the dancer but I don't think it translates...My other idea was use square letters in negative space of IT to write "be about it." or the Be in the wings of a butterflyLastly an image of someone making "the leap"





I took a step back and rethought about the mood I wanted to convey "Aware" that reminded me of an electric atmosphere, bold colors and lettering. That took me being inspired by the 70's lettering style. I really like how some of the letters in this genre take on shape forms and that can help me convey "being about it." My mind kept singing "Do you wanna funk" by Sylvester so I went to one of his album covers. 


revised sketches


February 8

First stab and resketching chosen concept. I've only tried one concept but I'm thinking of taking a stab at the sketch (second top - arrows from T and A). With the one I have below, my T in it doesn't quite look like a T, feeling a little wonky. Having a hard time refining this sketch.


Feb 8 PM

Refined sketch

I moved the it and dropped the swash on the a. I also shaped Be like light bulb and had the u from about plug in. The arrow on t...It might be too many ideas...kind of my problem with just doing it...ideas everywhere.



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