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Don't Starve Fan Info Graphic

Update: Fleshed out and refined a bit. 

Update: Layout + Sketches!

+ Removed sketches from project.

+ Proposed layout with sketches.

Don't Starve layout

Update: Now with sketches!

My survey is made up of 16 questions and I wanted to address each one with it's own unique graphic. In terms of layout I was thinking of using and sticking strictuly to an 8-column grid. Attached is a small moodboard composed of other inforgraphics I find inspiring.


Don't Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game and before it's official release I've been absolutely taken away by it. With such a supportive and active fan community, I thought I'd put together an info graphic for the game. 

If you've played Don't Starve and would like to participate in the survey, feel free to fill it out here:


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