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*Quick note, I just wanted to say I'm a hu-u-u-uge fan of Sarah's comic and that many strips of it have been blogged and reblogged on my Tumblr, so I'm really excited to take her pointers to heart and make something from this class that I can really use and keep up with!

Uhhh let's see. I'm not entirely sure what all to put here. I guess for starters, I'm basing this character (as the promt mentioned) upon myself, and making her fairly representational, so most of her design elements are loosely based upon me, but they're all quite exaggerated. 

The first hurdle was trying to decide body proportions. I'm actually on the curvier side of things in reality, and I think that's a very important thing that needs to be represented, but I ultimately decided that I'd like to make a more "inner" version of myself. Someone I see myself as, more or less. So from there, I just took elements of myself and greatly exaggerated them to make my character (henceforth named Scamps) a bit more awkward, a little sloppy, bt ultimately endearing. 

Here're the sketches for what I've got so far. I also have a few pages of sketches in my sketchbook (you know, pencil and paper and such) but I'm far too lazy to scan/photograph them, so here's my Pootoshoop sketches. I'll update this project page as I update my project. Utlimately, I'd really liek to start making one or two comics a week just to keep myself from getting rusty with drawing, and to improve my storyboarding skills.



Update #1: I got not so lazy and took some quick pics of my sketchbook where I toyed with expressions, a model sheet, and lisiting some characteristics of my character that I'd like to convey. I'll elaborate here.


Firstly, the above pic has my attributes. I wasnted to show my "inner" self as I said earlier, and I see myself as awkward, lazy, but also always kind of energetic. A bit of an oxymoron, but hey. I yam who I yam. I love love love cute things and would liek to come off as almost deadpan when I get "overload" by an emotion. On the bottom of the page is a quick doodle of my boyfriend and a list of his characteristics I built with his help. (Asshole, asshole, asshole, butthole, and purple) I can envision him making some appearances.


Here's the first series of sketches where I was really trying to nail down a style. The top left one was really accurate, but it didn't feel silly and informal enough. I'm wanting to keep things sort of sketchy and loose, and it just didn't match what I had in mind. The second one, while I likethe idea of it, was a bit too abstract, and the original proportions really looked a bit too much like Sarah's character, so I shied away from that one. The bottom left was one of the final two contenders, but it makes my character look just a touch too young, which is fine, but again, not what I had in mind for this particular series. The circled design is the one I'm going with... Informal and loose, but with defined placement, and not too sketchy.


Aaand here's my poorly done rough draft model sheet. It's for sure not even close to being fleshed out, as I'll be redrawing it in Plutoshop, but it's got the general idea fairly well conveyed. I drew Scamps standing at a front view first, and did the right-facing drawing next, which is a little wonky. The left-facing drawing was the last one I did on the lineup and it looks a lot more natural. It's got more subtle curvature, and more life than the other, so I'll likely use that one to reference a new right-facing drawing.

After that, it was getting fairly close to my slumbering hour, so I just quickly threw down a few expression doodles. The consistency isn't quite there yet, but again, it's all helping me flesh out the absolute direction I'm going with this character.

Update #2: Just a few tiny pages from a tiny notebook of tiny doodled tiny expressions done durning lunch hour at work. Sloppy? Yes. Entertaining? Yes-est.



Update #2.5: I've really been ppressed on time to work digitally on this, but I'm unreasonable excited to make this comic come to fruition, so here's a super quick concept sketch for the first comic I'll be doing. I kow it goes without saying, but it'll be much more refined when it's done. I'm so shy about showing my initial sketches ecause they're usually sloppy, but here it is in all it's out of proportioned glory. (What's really funny to me now is how many of us in the class are doing food related comics. I love this. The unity of gluttony. It's wonderful.)


Update #3: Heeeeyyyy look, it's a model sheet! I'm really happy with how it turned out for the most part, but I'm wondering if the line consistency might be an issue. Any comments would be appreciated and loved and I will smile and fist bomp my screen. :) And then cry because my hand hurts because I'm a weenie who just punched a computer.


Update #4: Aaaaaaaaand here we are! Comic number one! I'm not gonna' lie, I'm pretty excited.



I think again that there may be a few inconsistencies, so if you see any, please let me know, especially if they're at all distracting.

Thanks everybody for the feedback, and thank you Sarah for the awesome class! You rock!

Update ????: (Like a million months later)
LAND SAKES this project really shot off a bunch of creative firing in my brain bucket! I haven't really stayed entirely fidel to the original style of the character sheet, but the character design and the awful, horrible humor is still there. Here are the last two comics that I've made as of late...


^That one was done probably about 4ish months ago, maybe a bit further back I can't recall, exactly.

This next one was done just under a month ago:




Ultimately, I'm REALLY in love with how the last one turned out. The second one is cute and was more or less just a doodle. The first one, however, I would like to remake. Take a little time to iron things out and nitpick it a bit. Redraw a few things. Cry for seventeen straight hours. You know. The usual.

Anyways, I've garnered more and more likes on this project, and I really appreciate all of the feedback. Love you guys! Keep updated on my god awful shenanigans at kaceydrawsstuff.tumblr.com if you'd like. 

Update! Again! Aahhh!

I've officially started a webcomic, omg! All it took was lots of fighting self doubt. And a year. Regardless, I did it, and it's actually doing well! I've had a Tumblr up for just a few days now and I've gotten a decent amount of reblogs, though partically because I mod some very popular blogs and have shamelessly plugged my work there.

I'm really trying to focus on finding my style, and I think I'm getting closer and closer. I'm very appy with how these past few have turned out, and I even used some inspiration from Sarah's Animated Comics class to make an gif comic! 


^This one was my first stylistic experiment, and it's cute, but I'm not crazy about the coloring. The type in the last panel is also a bit wonky and not to my liking. But this was a REALLY good start to show me what I wanted to change and stuff, which lead me to this:


This! It looks so much nicer! The line quality isn't ~*~amazing~*~ but I'm really enjoying the halftone screen textures. Good stuff. I then made another one the next day:


This one is pretty much artistically ideal for me. The backgrounds aren't too bare or awkward, I like the line quality and shapes, the color turned out well, and I'm generally just extremely happy with the results!

Finally, just about an hour ago, I completed an animated comic. It's gaining traction pretty quickly (again, I run a VERY popular Star Wars blog and its terrible so i wont link to it, its just humor and garbage) and so I'm very very very pleased with how it turned out.


Wheeee! I look like a dork! How true to form! So yes, thank you so, so, so much, Sarah! You're still inspiring me with every comic I see of yours, and I really hope I can someday be your comic peer! Thanks for the awesome class!!!


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