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Gary Keeler

Designer, founder, and all-around funny guy.



Don't Shoot the Messenger!

Hi All!

If you've watched the class here's the app we created. Take a look at just how far you can go in 45 minutes or so of designing an app!

We've got our list of conversations showing

  • Profile picture
  • Read/Unread status
  • Sent Time
  • A snippet of the message
  • A search button
  • A add button

And with just those few elements we really get a sense for what makes up a good app. Some clean oganization of content with a few nice call to action points. Then we also have our detail screen.

And here on our detail screen we've got the back and forth of a conversation with a few nice touches to help make it pop. I used to really easily add the screens from Sketch and mount them in device frames. It just helps with that extra little bit of polish! What do you guys think? Is it awesome or are things you'd change? Think it through and let me know.


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