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Don't Make Me Dance - Paris

Hi Benjamin,

I am pretty late to submit something to this class, and I'm not sure if you are still checking up on this or not, but here it is anyways! 

The videos were great and helped me a lot thinking about natural light and how to use it. I'm not the biggest model/lifestyle photographer but it's something I'm interested in doing more.

I do not have the unedited pictures sadly, they are on a hard drive and I'm not near it at the moment. But I hope it is okay to share some photos that I've shot in a natural light environment, and to hear your feedback on it, as well as others in the Skillshare community.

Jared | www.instagram.com/jaredleopard 

Mimah, Moroccan blogger from Paris, 2016


Joe M. (1/2 of girlyboi)


Jessica A, Paris 


Gram, dj/producer 'Falcons', Paris


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