Don't Judge Me

Don't Judge Me - student project

Company description:

Organization (no name yet) that focuses on creating books, merchandise, and workbook curriculum about "self-accpetance". The brand will share the message of diversity, self-discovery, and self-acceptance 

Presentation name/concept:  DON'T JUDGE ME

Core message:

In todays world, everyone is being pulled left and right about what's the best career, what's the newest fashion, and what's your suppose to look like. Its not enough people accepting who they are and their talents. Everyone fears being judged by others. I want to emphasize the importance of self-acceptance. More than ever people are afraid of making the wrong choices, so they make no choice at all and just follow the in-croud for answers. "Don't judge me" if i want to do something different. Be the judge of your life and not the victim of mediocrity.  

Ideal audience:

High School and College students, young adult programs, at-risk programs


This is an entertaining and inpiring presentation.