Don't Forget to Zoom Out

Don't Forget to Zoom Out - student project

I was making a lot of progress before I made a troubling discovery. Can you guess what it was?

See it now?

Don't Forget to Zoom Out - image 1 - student project

My central figure looks like she's slowly disappearing. Not the kind of magic I was going for. I had zoomed in to work on some detail and forgot to zoom out before I started coloring the hair and shirt. I thought I might start over from the beginning, but I loved the shading of the face so much I didn't want to discard it completely. I started a new canvas and selected all the layers by swiping right on each one. Then I selected every thing on the canvas and enlarge the whole picture so I had room to move everything to the right to cover over the spot I missed. Once I build up my confidence again, I'll give it another go.

Don't Forget to Zoom Out - image 2 - student project