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Don't Forget to Play

This class is really fun! I love the concept of breaking ideas down into icons!

I wanted to convey action and ideation. After brainstorming some thoughts, I settled with the idea that as "grownups" we dont spend enough time playing or being spontaneous. I landed on wanting to create a sign that encouraged childlike thinking and decided to go with "Don't Forget to Play." 

I think placing it in various places around the work place would be nice. 


I decided to create an Icon of a hop scotch game as my initial symbol because to me it is a good representation of child games.


And then I added the universal 'play' icon around it as a sort of reminder of - "remember to do this."




I might come up with a few more Icons at a later date with this idea in mind, but I do appreciate comments and crits! Thanks y'all! 


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