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Don't Feed The Animals - Human Nature is an Animal Tee


Hey everyone, my name is Mike and I created Don't Feed The Animals.

Don't Feed The Animals is a brand that believes our human nature is the animal within us.  It's the part of us that is greedy, lacks compassion towards others, and is self-centered.  The animal inside of us ironically keeps us from being human.


For this project, I decided to be straightforward with our message and subtle with the details.  On the back of our tee is our logo: a lion with a top hat. The lion symbolizes power, pride, and prominence.  The top hat symbolizes wealth, class, and status. Neither symbol is essentially bad; but left unchecked power and wealth can feed our inner animal, causing us to forget our humanity.


The fontstyle is modeled after the 90s sports teams snapbacks.  The clean Helvetica contrasted by the beautifully bold cursive is a classic look. I've also decided to add a special touch with our shirt labels. Instead of woven, embroidered cloth I've decided to use an embossed silicone label. It's an added touch that truly makes the shirt remarkable.  I could also say that the silicone shows our superficial society - but I'd be reaching at that point.


The shirt I used was the American Apparel 2001 fine jersey short sleeve t-shirt.  I believe any ringspun, preshrunk 100% cotton tee would work best for the fit and comfort I want to achieve.  The front, back, and insidle label designs are screen printed.  The silicone label is sewn on the front of the tee.





AA 2001 Blank Tee: $6.05

Silicone label: $0.62

1 Color Print - 2 placements: $0.10 - We screen print these ourselves

Inside Garment label and care: $0.05 - We screenprint these ourselves

Total Cost: $6.82

Feel free to leave feeback. I'm always looking to improve.


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