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Don't Chop Off Your Fingers Knife Skills

Yikes!!! I don't own any good knives, let alone a chef knife. Crazy! Since I am chopping, chopping, chopping, every day. Even so I was very happy to learn these important knife skills! Truth be told I am actually afraid of having a good sharp knief! That sounds silly... So thank you for putting the bear claw image in my head! Now I can chop on!


I practiced keeping my fingers down and pushing the vegetables through the rocking knife. I minced, julianned, chopped, sliced, and diced. I still cried when I practiced the cutting of the onion technique shown. No photos of my running eye makeup though. I continued chopping the rest of my greens and vegetables for dinner moments later.


I was making a salad and soup so the new knife techniques came in real handy.


Veggies chopped. Then the potato, cabbage, white bean, and vegetable soup was on!


Thanks for the lesson! Bear claw... Bear claw... Bear claw.... 


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