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D Nicole Mims

Donnyelle Clothing President & Founder




Donnyelle [don-yel]

The Name

The name selected is Donnielle, which happens to be my first name that I hardly ever use.  I choose this name after several months of going back and forth. The name originated in Italy. There are several different meanings to the name but the one that stood out to me is “lady”.

Behind the concept

The idea behind starting a clothing line came to me about 10 years ago. During this time I was having a hard time finding clothes that fit my personality and style. I am a female but far from being a girly girl but I don’t want to look like a boy.  I have an in between style and I feel like there is market for this look. I also love street wear brands but a lot of them don’t have clothes that I can wear to law school or law firms.


Donnielle will fill a void that I see in the street wear industry.  Street wear is bigger than just the clothes you wear it involves art and music. The clothing and accessories presented by Donnielle will be thought provoking yet classic and simple enough to wear in any environment. The “tomboy” will have a clothing brand that represents them.  Referring back to the meaning of Donnielle “lady” ties right into our overall concept.  Whether male or female everyone has had at least  one special lady in their life that has influenced them in a positive way and made a difference their lives.   This lady may be your mom, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, teacher, mentor, etc…


Donnielle has 7core value that drives the company in everything done.

  • Loyalty
  • Acceptance
  • Determination
  • Quality
  • Success
  • Uniqueness
  • Integrity


Stay L.A.D.Y like 


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