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Marc Cardwell

graphic designer / illustrator



Donna The Buffalo -- Tonight, Tomorrow And Yesterday

the band's bio: the band i chose is named donna the buffalo, and the title  of their new (yet to be released) CD is “tonight, tomorrow and yesterday.” their sound is a mix of americana, country, rock, zydeco, rock and old-time string. jeb puryear and tara nevins write and sing all the songs. they are backed up by keyboards, bass and drums. based out of upstate new york, their message is all about being positive, towards the planet and each other. when they play live shows, they often move into extended jams involving the keyboard, lead guitar, fiddle or accordian.

the band's design elements: the look of their gig posters and CD covers often has some reprentation of a buffalo, hand-drawn type,  painiting as illistration, the type can also look very rustic (clarendon or a wood type). some albums have a collage or assemblage feel to them. their tour posters are a mixed bag, but mostly very retro, with duotone photos of the band, wood type.

concept: i suck at concepting, i've listened to this CD over and over, but no one image or concept comes to me. some random words/thoughts that pop in my head while listeing: seeping into my dreams, the CD was recorded in an old church for the sound, and recorded on analog tape. real. organic, authentic, energetic, dancable, crowd, family, herd, rythym, fucky, vibe, rays, lone dancer sillouette, violin, accordian, drivin’, but soft, sad, hopeful, happy.

one possible cop-out idea is to illustratte their tour bus (they tour relentlessly), using wood-type, lots of texture, and a gradient ray emanating from the center. 

title song live

some visuals DTB has used:

some roughs. 1 is their tour bus treated as a boat, using muted colors, rays spreading outward. 2 is from a tour bus interior, the road spreading out ahead. 3 tour bus form the front, in water, with rays. 4 old tree on a hill, with rays. 5 old tree, closer than before, with CD title on a banner around the trunk. 6 is the bus again, 3/4 view, with rays:


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