Done is Better Than Perfect

Done is Better Than Perfect - student project

2015: I played with colors and uploaded to zazzle. Also got an email of the tattoo someone got with my design, which is beyond awesome. So glad all the time I spent (and it was a LOT) lead to a design people are enjoying!

Done is Better Than Perfect - image 1 - student project

I'll probably keep playing when the mood strikes because now I really like the "is" in the cover photo. Or I should play with this one: Always in beta.

(OLDER) UPDATE: I'm done! Getting it printed at spoonflower. It's in bright colors but I'm posting the black version here. It isn't perfect, but you know what they say...

Done is Better Than Perfect - image 2 - student project

Except now I'm looking at my sketches and thinking the "Perfect" needs to be bolder, or the "Done" less bold. gah.

As a former perfectionist and recovering procrastinator, this phrase has become my mantra. 

Because I usually do more copperplate-type lettering (holiday cards) I wanted to try a more casual, chunky look. I'm also not comfortable with swashing, so I wanted to give that a go as well. Here is my starting point, once I'd gotten beyond the unfocused doodling:

Done is Better Than Perfect - image 3 - student project

The circle idea was more appealing to me. I'd like it read "Done Perfect" then when you get closer "better" then closer still read the rest. I hope that makes sense. Here is the next round of tweaks:

Done is Better Than Perfect - image 4 - student project

I'll now be working larger because the "Better" should be bigger and more decorative, like with an engraving look.

Quick mock-up in photoshop:

Done is Better Than Perfect - image 5 - student project

THe circle should be obvious, so some swashes will be needed. I like the ones at the top and if you have any ideas how to incorporate more please share! 

All constructive criticism welcome. I might not follow it but I will listen!

UPDATE: last sketch scanned. On to vectorizing. Keep the comments coming, I appreciate your input!

Done is Better Than Perfect - image 6 - student project